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Wow what a sexy you tube video with this gorgeous tranny. All i needed was for her to start stripping off for me but again this is why i rave about the live cams at because once a video like the one above has got you in the mood you are really ready for the next best things which is when they start to strip off slowly in front of you and get your aching cock hard and juicy and ready to explode. The video is just a taster for me to get me in the mood. I have many times asked the Asian tranny to dance for me and slowly strip to tease me and drive me wild with the sexy moves and i have to admit they have always done as i have requested and this does make a huge difference to me.

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You can also hook up on plentyof fish which has many asian tgirls looking to meet up for no strings attached sex , it really does depend on what yu are loking for from these live online scenarios, i like a bit of both to meet and fuck for real as well as a bit of shemale cam sex, it all depends on what you are used to and how brave you feel for a real live meeting and sex encounter.


Am i Gay if i like Trannies

I thought i would follow up on the last post the big question that is asked all the time. Am i gay if i like Trannys ? The answer to that is no, i would say you are more kinky and adventurous than you are gay i love spending time with transexual son webcam and in real life and tranny webcam girls, tranny pictures, tranny cams live

i have never thought of myself as gay. I am probably bi as i have to admit i do love cock and i love penetration, however many who like transgenders don’t actually want to meet them for sex they just like that it is slightly different so i do not consider you gay at all.

With that being said if you like the real penetration and you dream of cock and prefer men and trannies to women then i would say yes you are probably gay so it all comes down to a few things i suppose and you have to think of what those few things are and make your on mind up on that question. This is of course my own opinion on that matter and one i have debated many times on tranny forums and with trannies who work on live webcam.

They do give a very interesting point of view on the matter so pop on over and chat with them for yourself and you will see right away how much they love this discussion

In between rubbing their cocks and playing with their juicy big tits they will for sure tell you what they are into and what their opinions are on the matter.

I visit many free shemale cams sites and i tend to then stick to the few i find the best, i have put banners on the site directing you to the best sites in my opinion and i  have been visiting live tranny webcam chat rooms for many years and i will only first this particular one because of its variety and different types of shemales available to me at any time.

With that said i will sign off now and hope you enjoy any live video chat session with some of the most amazing tranny webcam girls you will ever find online. Do leave comments and let me know how your one on one cam session with  the trannies online went

Ask a Transexual questions

Hey guys welcome back and tonights blog topic is on ask a Transexual.Yes it’s time for all the questions on what is a transexual? Or what is a shemale? these types of questions are asked often so i thought i would first of all share a video with you where a real tranny explains what a transexual is and the BIG question am i gay if i like transexuals?So before we go any further let me share this amazing video i found that answers most of you’re questions on the subject.

As you can see this tranny goes into detail about transexuality and what it is and she thinks if you are penetrated and you enjoy it then you are gay? I dont know if i agree with that but each to to their own opinion i suppose. I like  to listen to peoples opinions on the matter i find it interesting. I do not consider myself gay but i do enjoy a bit of fun with a tgirl in real and on live webcam chat rooms and i would not ever consider myself gay  in anyway.

So where do i spend time i hear you ask, well i have travelled and met many transexual escorts as well as played with them live on adult webcam chat rooms like girliegeekorg i have chatted with loads of tranny tgirls from that site as well as met up with some for some live real time sex and strip shows and you can to. It has a free room so you can hop on over and check it out for yourself. Just enter into free say hello and then have some wild kinky nasty fun.

A lot of people often wonder about transexuality and so many guys out there are curious about it so i thought i would make a non biast blog all about tgirls and how much fun they are and the enjoyment you can get when you meet one or have one as an escort or even date one but cams is the next best thing to it i suppose so don’t shy away from that give it a try. The beauty of it is  is the shemale cams you see available all have live free chat rooms so you can enter and chat away till your heart is content without having to pay. But if you want her to get naked and kinky for you well you got to pay for that so check her free room first see what you think if you like what you see, Take her private get her naked and wank that cock till it cums hard.


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If you have a particular fantasy then do please tell them, it makes them so happy when they know they have fulfilled any fantasy you may have. From the tranny surprise to the tranny true girlfreind expereince these tranny cams girls just love the variety that every new person brings to them.


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